Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why reading the instructions is essential

So I'm working on my WIP for the Ravelympics. Finished the hat, pieced the sweater and started to do the French knots when I realized that I was supposed to pick up & knit the neckband before stitching both shoulder seams. Grrr...
So no big deal, I'll just do it on double-pointed needles, right? Yeah, well, I'm down at my parents' place and my mum doesn't have the needle collection that I do. I'm hoping she's got a set of 4 1/2 dps, but I have my doubts. Thinking I'll be shopping for needles tomorrow!
In the meantime, I'm winding a skein of my Berocco alpaca into a ball to start my Naughty Needles criss-cross gloves for my Glove Decathlon event. Black fingerless long gloves with hot pink ribbon lace up. Oh yeah. And matching garter. Ooo baby.

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