Sunday, June 5, 2011


This is such a cute little sweater! The original pattern is a cardigan with a million little hook & eye closures. I had nightmares of not getting them to line up properly and winding up with a wonky closure. Looking at other knitters' versions on Ravelry, I discovered that a lot of people had the same worry, or else simply didn't have the patience to fiddle with hooks & eyes, so they simply sewed up the front! Ingenious! So I did the same thing.
This is adorable. I'm glad I added on more length to the bottom; even trying it on as I went (holy way to do things from the top down!) I was expecting it to be a little bit longer; sewing it together changed that a little bit.
But overall, I am incredibly happy with this project! Now, on to Louisa & ripping out about 12 rows of a lace pattern to fix the mistake that I knew I made after 1 row but had a momentary lapse of reason and thought I'd keep going. Grrr.