Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Still alive, still here

Xmas knitting goes on apace! Can't post any pics of it, but if you're on Ravelry, you can see 2 of the projects on my profile. None of my family (my primary blog readers, of course!) is on Ravelry, so I can do pics there.
I've got 1 project on the go at home, and 1 at school. It gets worked on during recesses and lunchtime. My boys in the writers workshop work on their stories while I sit and read, and we talk about their stories and conference at the same time. It's pretty cool. But can't knit during girls' book club or yearbook meetings, unfortunately! But I've got a lot done on it, anyway. And lots of compliments, too!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Man, I had having ADD!
Giant list of things to knit for Xmas and what do I do tonight? I launder & press 21 fat quarters for a quilt. My first quilt. Fat quarters that sat in a bag in my bedroom all summer. Nope, I have to decide to do them tonight.
I blame my mother. Not for the ADD. I don't think. No, I blame my mother for the craft gene. I've already explained that she's a knitter. Well, she's a quilter, too. It started with my oldest cousin when I was just a little kid. He and his wife wanted a quilt for their wedding, so my mum made them one. And thus began a family tradition. Get married, get a quilt from my mum. The one she made for me & my ex husband was a tulip pattern that was copied from a quilt that I had on my bed. My grandmother had made it, and it was falling apart, and I loved it. In my version are fabrics from the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls she made for me, from my bridesmaid dresses that I made, from the first items of clothing that I ever made, all sorts of things with memories. It's amazing.
I don't have a scrap stash. I have a yarn stash. So my quilt is being made with brand new fat quarters. And I don't do pastels or florals. So my quilt is purple. There are things that look like pop art, batik, tie dye, and some basic checks and dots. It's going to be pretty cool.
New mantra. Knit first, quilt later. Knit first, quilt later. Knit first, quilt later.....