Monday, August 31, 2009

Cancel the APB

The knitting has been found. In a bag that I never use for knitting, hanging on a kitchen chair, hidden by my bike. Go figure. The Starmore book is still missing, though. Hmm...... anybody have Hercule Poirot's number? Or that math guy on tv?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Knitting APB

How does knitting go missing? I have lost some knitting. So bizarre. I'm so ADD, I was getting tired of the Bavarian Socks, so I decided to work a bit on the Debbie Bliss Cable Vented Jacket. I have 1 sleeve one already and 1 on the needles. I can't find it! I found the finished one, but the magazine and the sleeve-in-progress are missing! I know I took it to knit night this summer, so I didn't lend the magazine to someone at school. Then I thought I could work on the last sleeve on the Alice Starmore sweater. I can't find my Celtic Collection book anywhere! Maybe I lent it to someone at school. So odd. I know it's not in the bedroom because I ripped it apart to paint last week. The various stash places didn't reveal anything. Neither did any of the usual company's-coming-quick-hide-the-stuff places. I could work on the Yellow Harvest mittens (found them & the Vogue Knitting magazine they're from), but the puppy appears to have stolen one of the dps and they're my only 5mm set.
I'm watching a Chinese movie, so I can't work on Jolene. I need something plain to do while I read subtitles.
I am so confused. Does knitting grow wings? Legs? Does it have an Invisiblity Cloak?
This is pondersome. If you see this knitting around, send it home, please.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wastin' Away the Day in Margaritaville

Without margaritas. And I know where the salt is. But it was still a wasted day. Thunderstorms this morning and icky the rest of the day - perfect for knitting, and what did I do? Surfed the Internet. Granted, I was educating myself about North & South Korea, the South Sea Bubble and the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa. It really is possible to spend an entire day on Wikipedia. At least I was learning stuff, so it really wasn't wasting time. But no knitting. Although I have picked out a kit that I think I will treat myself to for birthday/xmas this year. Isn't it amazing? Shetland wool, too. I drool just thinking about touching and smelling it.

Must knit tonight to redeem myself. I've put the Bavarian Socks aside; they bore me already (thanks, ADD!). Jolene is coming along well, maybe I'll do that. I have 1 sleeve done on the Debbie Bliss jacket but now I'm second guessing my size choice. I may need to go smaller. I'll have to check out the finished measurements again. I wasn't expecting to be shrinking quite so fast! And there's also the Alice Starmore sweater that has 1 sleeve left to do. It's been hibernating, but I think I will finish it after all. It may be huge, but it can be my comfy, bumming around sweater. I could give it to one of my brothers in law, but screw it. All the work I did on it, ripping it out and starting all over again then hibernating and blah blah, it's mine!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Not related to knitting at all

In the latest issue of Parade Magazine, Brad Pitt refers to Angelina Jolie as his 'soul mate'. I threw up just a wee bit and he lost a lot of drool factor. Soul mate! I ask you! I so thought the two of them were more intelligent than that.
Of course, if any two people in the world were destined to be together, it's those two smokin' hot ones. Wouldn't you just love to be a fly on their bedroom wall?
But then, in the same interview, he talks about gay rights and how he'd react if one of his kids were gay, and he redeems himself. I do believe Brad Pitt could make me change my views on marriage. He's a forever guy for me. Lainey says that Johnny Depp is her forever guy. I think Brad is mine. He could bring Angie.