Sunday, February 28, 2010


The damn Bavarian Socks are finally finished!
I really don't know why they took me so long. When I went into my Ravelry project page to tag them for the Ravelympics as finished, I was shocked to see that my start date on them was July 9. Many sock knitters have the problem where they finish the first sock, then take forever to finish the second, if they do at all. I have never had that problem before. And I don't understand why it was a problem this time. The wool was nice to work with, the stitch pattern was easy & I memorized it after only 2 repeats, I mean they're socks for goodness sakes. There's nothing hard about them in general (I know there are exceptions, but this was not the pair to be that exception). Regular heel turning, nothing special about the toe, nada. I just don't get it.
So in the Ravelympics, I signed up for WIPS (works in progress) Dancing. I had expected to finish the sock, a Pea Pod baby set and Middlemarch, which of course got frogged. I finished the sock last night at about 2am while watching The Twilight Zone.
And Stephanie Pearl-McPhee? She finished a whole bloody sweater. Sure, she nearly went insane doing it, but she's a knitter. It comes with the territory. I am so ashamed.
And I don't even have any pics to prove I'm finished, because I left my camera at school.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Frogging Middlemarch. This is one wack pattern. I've been having trouble with it right from the start. I added stitches here, took them away there, to try and match the pattern. But coming down to the waist decreases was completely off. I've read and reread the pattern, and it makes no sense. There's no pic of the back for me to look at and try to decipher it by sight, either. Too bad. It's a gorgeous sweater, and done in the Jo Sharp aran it would have been amazing. But I think it's not to be. The Knitting Gods and Goddesses do not like. Sigh. I hate it when they take over the pattern.
Well, that's one less item to finish for my Knitting Olympics - Team WIP for the Ravelympics! Now I just have the rest of a Bavarian sock, the Pea Pod Baby Set and the Jolene scarf. No problem!

"The Olympics Really Begin"

This was the headline today on

Gee, I guess the gold, the 2 silver & the bronze medals we've already won don't matter, because they weren't hockey medals.

Way to go, irresponsible sports journalists. The 80% of our athletes who DON'T play hockey thank you, for belittling their efforts and the sacrifices made by them and their family members, all because they choose to participate in a sport other than hockey.

And people wonder why I hate the damn sport so much.