Monday, July 7, 2014


It is really, really hard to be a teacher in this province. The second you do anything that could be slightly taken in the wrong context, there is someone who automatically contacts the Powers That Be in order to complain. I've been threatened more than once with losing my job.
After a lot of soul searching, I decided that this blog has never been brought up by certain people, and since I never (today excluded) bring up anything political and/or work related, I really should activate it again. It was something I really enjoyed, and I have had more than one knitting friend tell me that they miss my sense of humour and that they enjoyed following my blog. That made me feel good. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, in the vernacular of them lolcats, I. BE. BACK.

SO. In the overly long time that I have been gone, I have knit many, many things. You can check them out at
Currently, I have just begun the lovely Sylvie. My parent bought me a gift certificate last Christmas and it was one of the patterns that I chose. Then, after a year of no yarn buying (a quite frankly insane New Year's Resolution), I picked up some lovely Cascade Eco+ at The Little Red Mitten in St. Thomas, ON. I love this shop. They have SUCH an amazing selection. I have to go in with an absolute concrete budget, or I would go bankrupt. And my father said he preferred red for the pattern, so red it is.
And there you have it. Pictures of Sylvi as warranted.