Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So I went to to find my ideal meerkat. And guess who I got? KnitKat!!

Isn't he beautiful? A meerkat in Paris who knits! Heavenly!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I love my Rosebud. I hate it when people call me her mother (Hello?? Me Homo sapiens, her Canis lupus familiaris. My frozen uterus isn't going to birth a human, let alone a dog.) But if I'm honest, she really is my baby and I adore her.
Until she does something like this:

I managed to untangle 2 skeins and wind them up before it occurred to me to take a pic!
I don't like leaving her crated all day when I'm at school, and I'm trying to gradually leave her out. I left her out yesterday and she counter cruised, got a bag of brand new (and rather pricey, the monster eats better than I do!) treats and ate the whole damn thing! Today, she got my wraps off the table and ate them. And a pair of glasses. Bad enough, but then I went into the living room and there was yarn everywhere. I absolutely bellowed her name. I went back into the kitchen and she was cowering by the door. Then I made cupcakes and my blood pressure returned to normal.
Tomorrow, she is crated. No matter what sad face she makes at me. Must stay strong. She is a Sad Basset Face expert. Like from birth.