Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rave on, Ravelry!

I am just sooo in love with Ravelry. I found yet another group to join today - Covered in Bees! A (support?) group for those of us in love with that wee sexie beast, Eddie Izzard. I would so knit him a sweater. That shows you my level of commitment to him. Actually, shouldn't that be 'I'd knit him lingerie'? White Lies Designs has a lovely selection that he'd rock.
My mother is going to read this post and see this pic and just shake her head. I don't think her generation would get Eddie. I think when I'm down next I should bring her Dress to Kill and try to broaden her horizons.


Third Class said...

Eddie Izzard rocks. A good kick to be on.

The Queen said...

I agree. Although, sometimes, he dresses better than me. It makes me a weeny bit envious.