Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ravelry is the best & a new wool goddess

I just luuuuurve Ravelry!! I posted on the ISO board (in search of) that I was hunting desperately for wool for Cromarty - and a new wool goddess has emerged!
Nancy in B.C. has - get this - not only the same colour, but the same freaking dye lot!! She is sending it my way. Nancy hereby joins my LYS goddess Karen as wool goddess. If I weren't held back by killer cramps, I would totally be dancing a jig right now. Even though I have never been taught how to jig. Although we were forced to sing that horrible squid jigging song in elementary school. I don't think they're related, though. Somehow I can't see manly Newfie fisherman making squid dance until they died.
But there's a Far Side cartoon in there, isn't there?

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