Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dial-up RULES!!!

All this time I've been trash talking and whining about having dial-up Internet (living in the middle of Practically and Nowhere), and tonight I found something out - it ROCKS!!
The pages take so long to load that I can knit while I wait. I bet you people with hi-speed can't say that! Oh, sure, you can download songs and movies, and you don't disconnect every 3 minutes.....
I just remembered. Dial-up sucks.

I have been sitting on my lazy a$$ knitting all week. I have a Homer Simpson butt print in my couch. But man, is the sweater moving along nicely! On the down side, I have been talking to myself rather animatedly and the few times I have left the house, I haven't remembered to remove the cable needle from the top of my head. Gets me rather strange looks. Maybe I should get out tomorrow.

Nah. Knitting to be done.

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