Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I love my LYS!
I stopped in today to get a longer pair of 5mm needles and there was a knitting gaggle happening. I noticed one of the women was working on something from French Girl Knits. I mentioned that I had something planned from it, but that I had misplaced the book, so they let me photocopy the pattern!
Not illegal; you're allowed to copy up to 10% of a book for personal use. Besides, I already own the bloody book; I just can't find it!
So as soon as I'm done Chiral (which should be by the weekend) I can start Viola! I'm so excited!
We were joking at the shop that now that I have a copy of the pattern, I'll find my book. You know I will.


Mom2Avery said...

Find it yet? It's Murphy's Law now that you have the pattern anyway.

The Queen said...

I haven't, actually! But I'm sure I will, probably before the sweater is finished, too.