Monday, August 16, 2010

Ah, cables!

I love doing cablework! I seem to knit superfast doing cables, because I love watching the patterns form as I work. Same with colourwork. This is why when sweaters get to the point where Belle Epoque is, they just sit for ages in the knitting basket, because plain old back-and-forth stocking stitch just bores me to tears.
I'm also quite delighted with this wool! Patons Classic Wool is probably one of the cheapest 100% wools out there; you can buy it at Michaels for goodness sake, but it's knitting up so nicely and softly! I've only ever used it for mittens before. And the cables are showing up very crisply and clearly. Two thumbs up!
Bonus points if you can catch the inevitable mistake in the cable.

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