Sunday, August 1, 2010

Irrefutable Proof

Yep. I'm ADD. Especially about knitting. I was getting tired of Belle Epoque. I have the body done, all that's left is the collar and sleeves. And what do I do? I pick up another WIP*.
Grecian Plait. I've been working on it for quite some time. And I have a couple of good reasons why I put it aside. First, I don't really like the pattern of the variegated yarn. Yeah, I'm that shallow. It's 'Sublime' mohair/wool blend that seems to be discontinued - going to be warm! Secondly, I recognized that there was no possible way that this was ever going to fit Fat Me. So it hibernated for a while.
I had the back, front and about 1/2 a sleeve finished. So yesterday, I finished the sleeve and started on the second. Today I finished the second sleeve and pieced it. I actually quite like it!
Two problems - one easily fixed, the other not so much. I need to sew ribbons or something inside to attach to my bra straps so that they don't show. Can't stand that.
The unfixable problem is that I used it as an experiment for my first short rows. As a result, I have a bubble bust. I've dropped 2 cup sizes in my weight loss. Which I love, but bubble bust is not good. I've analyzed the pics and it doesn't look too obvious. I hope. I will wear it anyway, because I like how it turned out.
I also did some subtle waist shaping, so that it fits my very curvy shape better than a straight garment would.

* Work In Progress

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