Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Look what a little inspiration can do!

Jeez, a trip to a yarn shop to add on more projects sure acts like a kick in the butt for me! Finished the second patchworksock tonight! Finished it with the worst Kitchener stitch ever known to Knittingkind! My Kitchener has always been pretty dicey, but seriously, this one was brutal! I was tempted to post a picture of it, just so that people would know that I wasn't exaggerating, but then I realized that any knitter who saw it would lose all respect for me, so I decided against it. Instead, you get a picture of the finished socken on my fussen. Excuse the lighting, it's rather dim in the 'guest room', AKA my old bedroom. No traces that I ever lived here, though, thank goodness. It's always kind of creepy when parents keep their kids' rooms exactly like they were when they lived there, like shrines or something. ((shiver))

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