Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Boo. Hoo.

There is a lyric from Justin Rutledge and the Back Forty that I love. "God damn my liver when it's thirsty; God damn my wallet when it's dry." (Too Sober to Sleep)
In my case, it's my knitting thirst and the dry wallet. I'm down in London visiting the parents, and my mum took me to a new knitting shop she discovered in St. Thomas, The Little Red Mitten.
Wow. Amazing place. Wonderful staff, a great selection, a whole room of pattern leaflets and books with chairs and a table to sit at, a work room at the back filled with women who were having a raucous time, and this amazing French silk that nearly brought me to tears when I had to leave it behind. Seriously. This skein just fell like a waterfall over your hand, smooth and silky and decadent like chocolate mousse. $42 was actually a very reasonable price for it, but I was on a very tight budget, and I learned long ago to set a budget for yarn shop visits, and then to take that amount in cash, and to leave the credit card behind.
So I did get a few projects' worth, and the latest Interweave, and I know that every time I'm down in London I will be back. If you live in the area, you must check it out!
Just don't you dare buy the French silk in mulberry. Or I will OWN your ass.


Anonymous said...

What if someone (not mentioning names) was to buy said yarn for someone else (again, not mentioning names) as a Christmas present? Would asses still be owned? Just wondering....

The Queen said...

Without names being mentioned, I cannot retract said statement about asses and ownership of said asses.