Friday, October 2, 2009

Eddie > Knitting, and therefore > Men

He's done now, but reading today's entry from the Yarn Harlot brought him to mind again. Eddie Izzard is one of my boyfriends, on my freebie five list. You know, the list of guys that (if you were ever crazy enough to be in a relationship) you'd get to sleep with, with no repercussions.
Eddie is better than knitting, which makes him (naturally) better than men. But since he describes himself as all boy with a little bit of girl, that goes without saying. Executive transvestism and all.
Anyway, here's lazy old me who can't even get off my butt to walk the dog, and here's Eddie, who ran a marathon a day for charity! I think I love him even more. Of course, whatever it is about me that turns men into jerks would kick in, and he'd just break my heart, too, and reality would come crashing down. So maybe I will just admire from afar, instead of stalking him some day like I'd planned.

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