Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Knitting ADD Strikes Again!!!

One of the 'hazards' of massive weight loss is requiring new winter garb. I have this amazing 70s winter coat - wool, Inuit inspired with a faux-fur lined hood and embroidery. Value Village, $30! I haven't been able to wear it for a few years, and now it fits better than even when I bought it. But I don't have any mittens or hat to go with it. One must match, after all, especially when one is known as a knitter! It's been a very dreary, wet fall in Muskoka, and the nip in the air is unmistakable. Snow will be flying early this year. So the knitter's brain turns to cozy things. Hours of surfing and I should have hit the Drops site first. Found the perfect hat and mittens to go with the snowflake embroidery on my coat. Some brown and cream Patons Astra in my stash, with much smaller needles than required, works. Smaller needles on mittens is fine. Denser is warmer. Might be an issue for the hat, though. It might not drape properly. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Since Patons tends to have the same colours no matter what the yarn, I can always do the hat in Beehive Baby instead.

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