Monday, October 5, 2009

Knitting With Kittens

Sounds like a bizarre movie that someone like the Cohen Brothers would do, doesn't it?
Anyway, spent the entire weekend either in bed sleeping or on the couch knitting, struck down by the usual first-month-of-school-plague-monkey-induced-cold-from-hell. (Went out briefly to keep a hair appointment and buy life-sustaining groceries, which of course exhausted me and confined me to bed once again!) And, had a total Archimedes-inspired (my, what a lot of use of parentheses and hypens today! Not to mention exclamation points!) ! ! ! (For good measure.) eureka! moment.

How to knit with kittens:

Take the tail, and make a slip knot. Bashing the kitten on the head to induce confusion and malleability first often helps.


Here's the real thing: before you begin to knit, gather up all the little kitten toys you have. Put them in a nice pile beside you, then start to knit. When the kitten jumps up on you and attacks yarn and or needles, throw a toy. Said kitten will then leap after the toy. Depending on the attention span of the kitten and your knitting speed, that should let you have a few rows of knitting before the action needs to be repeated.

See? Eureka!!

Eventually, you need to gather up all the toys and start over again, but it's a small price to pay.

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