Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Top 10 Ways Knitting is Better than Men

10. You can always repair knitting.
9. Unlike knitting, a man cannot be made to fit you perfectly.
8. You can’t block a man to be just right.
7. No such thing as swatching a man.
6. You can’t frog a man and start all over.
5. Men can’t hibernate.
4. You can’t have a stash of different men in Rubbermaid containers all over your house.
3. Like knitting, men have patterns. They just aren’t charted nicely for you to read easily.
2. Men do have different tensions, but changing needling technique makes no difference on fixing it.
And the number 1 reason knitting is better than men:
1. There is a sense of accomplishment with knitting.

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