Saturday, September 26, 2009

Knitting Woes 2.0

Her name is Sulis Minerva, and she makes it impossible to knit. She is very cuddly, and as soon as I sit down, she's in my lap, purring away. But she is also very playful, so she attacked my needles and my yarn, quite viciously for such a wee thing. But at least I'm watching great tv - a British comedy called Green Wing, recommended to me by a complete jerk who broke my heart. But at least he was good for something! Wow, I'm turning into an optimist - there's 2 jerks I've managed to find something good in. One technically saved my life by telling me I sounded like I was dying when I was sleeping (which led to a diagnosis of sleep apnea), and this one gave me my new favourite tv show. Too bad the rest of the both of them was useless.

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