Monday, September 21, 2009

Knitting Woes

Made the mistake of trying to organize my stash last night. Yikes. If you are a knitter, you understand the danger of stash organization. It doesn't really get organized; it just makes you come up with an even longer list of things to knit. Which then makes you all depressed because the things that are on the needles already seem to be taking an inordinate amount of time, and adding to the list makes it seem overwhelming.
Or is it just me?
The cabled jacket is an easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy knit, and yet it seems to be taking forever!! I should be done both fronts at this point and be well on my way on the back, but I'm not. I've only done about 5 inches on the right front. Shameful.
The Bavarian Socks are completely on hold. One sock is finished, but the other is only about an inch done. I don't usually have that issue with socks. I know many knitters do; finish one and then take a year to finish the second. Not me. I'm usually so happy with the first one that I race to finish the second and it usually goes even faster than the first! Not this time.
Yellow Harvest Mittens? What are those? Granted, the excuse for that one is that Rosebud or Bronte has stolen one of the needles, and I only have 1 set of 5 1/2 mm dpns.
Jolene? I hate to admit, but it's stalled too.
I am in a knitting rut. Maybe a new project will get me out of it.
Or maybe it will just be another project to sit and collect dust and animal hair.

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