Friday, July 20, 2012

Can you hear me now??

It's been a very long time since my last post.

Something happened that made me seriously reconsider continuing this blog, but then I told myself that I already gave up 2 social media things for that reason, and why should I give up a 3rd that was about something that means a lot to me? I don't need to go into details. If you are reading this, and you understand, 'nuff said. If you're reading this & you're clueless, welcome to my blog!! LOL

Back in late June I casted on for yet another Alice Starmore. She may not be among many knitters' favourite designers simply for the fact that she has stood her ground against her publishers, but you can't deny her design genius! Because of this dispute with her publisher, many of her books are out of print. I already had the Celtic Collection, and my mother found me In The Hebrides at a rummage sale of all places, but what I really wanted was Tudor Roses. And believe it or not, I found it!!

I started off easy peasy. Elizabeth I. One of my heroines, of course; how could she not be? Redheaded, stubborn, and a brilliant mind to boot. Hmm...reminds me of meself! I'm knitting this in berrocco vintage dk, a nice basic cream colour.

Historically, the first two weeks of summer, I relax & knit like a fiend. That didn't happen this year. I had company in the form of my 5 year old niece whom I adore, but has an endless stream of energy. Ergo & therefore, not much knitting accomplished! But lots of swimming, playing with the dog, and general fun had by all.

I got a fair bit done chez les parents after delivering nieceypoo to her parents (in one piece, too!!). I am now at home & can knit to my heart's content. Or, at least, to the arm's dull pain sets in.

And, of course, just to make things challenging for myself, I stopped at Knit & Quilt on my way home (they let Rosebud join me so she wasn't in a hot car; great for her, not so much for me. It's difficult to browse when people are fawning over your adorable dog) to pick up the goods for my next nieceypoo project. Everything must be pink. I got dusty rose because I reckon I can knit with it without getting sick to my stomach. I hope she likes it!


Mom2Avery said...

Welcome back to the land of blog! I'm considering giving up some of my social media things as well. It's time consuming, obsessive and as far as this and tweeting go, I have very few followers. But I like reading your blogs and seeing your finished project. Knit on!

The Queen said...

It's amazing how much you miss it when it's gone. Joni Mitchell anyone? lol
There is a new puppy on twitter who already has more followers than Rosebud. I guess even in cyberspace being cute is key.