Saturday, July 28, 2012


I forgot to post!!

I got the latest newsletter from The Little Red Mitten in St. Thomas. Right away I forwarded it to my mum. WORKSHOPS WITH THE YARN HARLOT!!!!

I told my mum that it would be a great birthday gift. And, being the wonderful woman that she is, she obliged! The very next day she contacted the store, and the Saturday workshop was already nearly full. Being a mother she was worried about what would happen if I couldn't make it down from Muskoka to London that weekend. To paraphrase the lovely owner of The Little Red Mitten, it won't be a problem!!

I would have preferred to be able to take the Sunday workshop about lace knitting, but it's December. Who knows what the weather will be like? I needs travel time.

I had to laugh at my mum. When she was enrolling me in the Saturday workshop, "Knitting for Speed & Efficiency", she wondered aloud why I would want to knit faster. I wish I could knit faster! I'm sure Steph will be able to teach me a couple new things.

That being said, I knit a couple of inches on my Elizabeth I last night. Tonight? Nada. Which is,, actually, probably a good thing. No repetitive stress injuries.

Now to decide which book to bring to have autographed.

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