Monday, March 19, 2012


And here are the matching gloves for the Hawthorne hat.

I didn't get a lot of knitting done over the March Break. The first few days I spent down in London, and I spent most of my time with my lovely niece. We went swimming - she is totally fearless! We went down the big slide, and she had to go by herself. No problem at all! And I had to stop because the chlorine (public pools are the worst!) was bothering my eyes too much, so off she went on her own, up the stairs and waiting for her turn. She is such a cool kid.

We went shopping for her birthday. Sort of. I told her I needed ideas, so she could show me everything she wanted, but I wasn't buying. It just went on 'the list'. It's a good thing her dad has put in a new rule saying that for every new toy she gets, she has to give one up otherwise the house would be overrun!

We had a girls' night putting tattoos on (Disney princesses - ick - that made me break out), went to McDonald's, read together, watched Dr. Sheldon Cooper before bed and played with my dog. Who is only referred to as 'girl'. And gets dressed up, and not in her X-Men gear.

The Child goes a gazillion miles an hour. I was exhausted! And then, when I got home, I got sick. Of course. It was March Break!

So those are my excuses. As I say to my students, it's a Buttercup Situation. Deal with it.

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