Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gross. Out.

Having 2 outdoor cats, I am used to watching my step first thing in the morning when I leave my house. I often have to slalom around mice, voles and the occasional frog to get out. Sometimes birds. No matter how often I tell them, "Rodents only!!", they do on occasion go for more of a challenge.
The screen on my kitchen door needs replacing, so on days that are relatively blackfly-free, I'll open the window enough that they can jump in & out at will. The other week I heard Bronte jump in, and a couple minutes later when I went into the kitchen, there she was stretched proudly out in front of the fridge, dead bird in front of her.
Then, a couple of days later, I heard a fuss on the patio and went out to see that Sulis had a baby bird cornered. It was a pheasant or a quail or something. I rescued it in a tea towel and sent it shuffling off into the wild blue yonder.
But today? Today was the WORST. There is a crawl space under my stairs, and the two of them often go in there to hide from Rosebud, or have a self-imposed time out, I guess. It's only covered by a curtain, so they can get in. The stuff stored in there is balanced rather precariously, kind of like a not-quite-fits game of Tetris. Last night one of them knocked a bunch of stuff over. So today I was picking it all up and balancing it back in stacks, and picking stuff out of the knitting basket that it had fallen into when I felt something squish in my hand.
It was a dead frog!!!!!!! In my knitting!!!!!!!!!!!
I didn't take a picture. So you'll have to trust me. Gag. Ick. Bleck. Grrrrrr.


Mom2Avery said...

EWWW!! That is disgusting. I would have freaked out. How do you punish cats?

The Queen said...

Keep them inside! Of course, it's more of a punishment for me then, because Sulis has started to destroy things on windowsills trying to get out!