Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Yarn Harlot is in Trouble

Sometimes I wish that more people other than just my friends and family read my blog. Then I read Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's latest entry and I realize that it may not be worth the trouble. She's got an unbelievable troll right now - saying horrible things and even threatening her, because she thinks that because Steph is a patriotic Canadian that she's making anti-american statements. This chick is obviously unbalanced, but it's a pretty damn scary situation, the things she's saying. So if you're a knitter, head to the Yarn Harlot's site, read up on the insanity, then add some encouragement to the 1500+ posts that are there. I'm in there somewhere. I've never posted on her site, all the years I've read it, but man oh man, after reading what she's been going through for the past month, I just had to.


J.S. said...

She's lucky to have readers like you...and all the rest of us 1600. :oD

The Queen said...

She needs all the encouragement she can get right now. Pass it on! And thanks for reading my blog!