Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another project!!

Went to my first Knit Night at the new yarn shop, Knitting Three Together. Lovely ladies, great conversation. I picked up a Zauberball! Just gorgeous German sock wool, slightly variegated. Because I have that new book and all. So when I got home I flipped through the patterns in the book for one that would suit. I couldn't make up my mind between the ZigZag cabled socks, the Bavarian cabled socks or the Estonian cabled socks. (Catching the pattern? I had already decided on cables, I think the yarn will be amazing in cables.) I thought I'd have to put the names in a hat and pick one, when a flash of brilliance struck, as it does so often. German sock wool needs German sock pattern! So Bavarian it is. Starting as soon as I'm done here. I love new knitting patterns. It's just like new school supplies in September.

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