Monday, July 6, 2009

And this would be why no knitting was done tonight

I gave Rosebud her first bath. It was not appreciated. She kept trying to escape the tub, then she went nuts afterwards and attacked everything not nailed down. And she kept wiping out on the floor because her paws were wet and so were her ears, which she slides on all the time anyway! Then she was all cranky and depressed at the affront to her person (?) so she insisted on attention all night. And she weighs a ton, so when Rosebud wants attention, Rosebud gets attention!
Plus side, Monday night is my tv night - tvo on all night long, and now it's my geeky historian boyfriend Simon Schama on pbs. So she can put her 200lb head in my lap while I watch tv.
I went to the new yarn shop in town yesterday, Knitting Three Together, and picked up some new 2 1/4mm needles (kertzer, bamboo, lovely!) except the lady gave me 2 1/2, so I had to exchange them today. They seem ever so fragile! I'll have to make sure, like glasses, ipods and cell phones, that they are never put anywhere near to where a Basset hound who has discovered counter cruising can get! Unfamiliar with counter cruising? Click here for a pro captured on camera!

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