Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Feline Hazards

Let me preface this with: I am NOT a cat person. I'd much rather have a dog, but my days are long and cats have litter boxes. I am not one of those pathetic single cat women.
So, when the dumbest cat in the world, the half-brained Bronte, does this to my wool, it gives me even more reason to try and send her off into the big world on her own. I've tried, often, but she always seems to come back. Like that children's book, The Cat Came Back.
And why is it that I can give her a ball of yarn for her own little toy, but she needs to attack the stuff that I'm using? Are all cats this feeble minded, or just my idjit? I imagine that the whole Bronte clan is collectively spinning in their graves at having such a brainless twit named after them. If we could harness the energy from their spinning, we'd no longer depend on fossil fuels!

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