Saturday, January 6, 2007

Of knitting injuries, politics and IKEA...

Yes, I have a knitting injury. I was afraid I had tennis elbow (except that I don't play tennis!) or some other sort of repetitive strain injury, and the only repetitive activity I do is knit! Turns out that, yes, it is a knitting injury, but just muscle strain. I'm only allowed to knit in 20-minute bursts, then I have to take a 10-minute break. Poopie!

Well, our 'esteemed' Prime Minister Stephen Harper has done a cabinet shuffle. Somebody's expecting an election! At least he moved Rona Ambrose out of the Environment portfolio. Come on, putting her in as Environment Minister when she was one of the people spearheading the Alberta campaign against the Kyoto Accord? So the new minister is John Baird. One of the few Conservatives I have a tiny bit of respect for. He's come out admitting that global warming exists, which, for the Tories, is huge! So baby steps, folks.

IKEA baaaaad! I went down to Barrie yesterday to get new curtains for my living room, because The Idiot had shredded the old ones. I wound up spending almost $200. That place is evil! No matter how resolved I am to buy only what I came for, I can't do it!

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