Thursday, May 5, 2011

Life Lessons in Knitting

I have several things on the go lately. And each of them has taught me a lesson.

Ambrosia is a lovely little cabled summer cardi. I'm knitting it in a beautiful sequined yarn.

LESSON: Do not eat Easter chocolate while knitting with white yarn.

Louisa is a summery cotton tunic in a lacy pattern, that I'm doing in a doubled cotton tweed.

LESSON: When you're pretty damn sure you've made a mistake in a lace pattern, don't wait 8 or 10 rounds 'just to check'.

Still working on my lovely Estonian lace scarf in that breathtaking silk.

LESSON: Do NOT, under any circumstances, watch ANY program with the dreamy British actor (and my boyfriend, although he isn't aware of that fact) Richard Armitage while knitting complicated Estonian lace that requires nupps.

(Now you understand.)

1 comment:

Mom2Avery said...

OMG...your crack me up! But your life lessons are pretty logical. Good luck with the projects.