Friday, December 3, 2010


I have been without a car this week. I need a new engine. Yes, you read that right. I was running with no oil. And no warning lights came on. And it didn't act differently. Because nothing normal ever happens to me.
So, being trapped inside this weekend meant lots of Christmas knitting, which is good, because we're only 3 weeks away.
But, naturally, disaster struck. I got home this evening courtesy of another teacher who lives up the road and works in Bracebridge as well, and there was a trail of yarn leading from the living room to the bedroom. With a great sense of foreboding, I headed into the bedroom, where Rosebud was cowering beside a little lump of knitting. (Aside: if she knew I was going to be pissed, why did she do it at all?????) None of the knitting had been torn out, thankfully, but she ate the bamboo needle. My only pair of 6mm. And no way to replace them.
The knitting was on the coffee table. Along with a pair of chopsticks that had been used for last night's dinner and forgotten to be taken to the sink. Did she eat the 99 cent pair of chopsticks? NO! She went for the $10 needles.
And, of course, the small Christmas project is at school, so I can't work on it.
Now I'm all fussy.


Mom2Avery said...

So sorry. Are you going to be able to finish by Christmas? Murphy's Law strikes again.

The Queen said...

Oh, I hope so. I'm going to give myself carpal tunnel syndrome at the pace I'm working!