Monday, October 11, 2010

Temporary good bye!

So this Thanksgiving weekend included a girls' trip to Paris (ON, unfortunately!) and the Mary Maxim outlet. (sidebar: next time you're in Paris, I highly suggest the Cafe de Paris on the main street for lunch - we were all delighted with our meals, and it's got great atmosphere packed into a tiny little space.)
If you're Canadian, you know about Mary Maxim and their iconic 1970s zip-up acrylic sweaters. I had one with horses on the back. So my automatic connection of yarn to Mary Maxim was acrylic. Phentex. Dye lots not required.
Not so anymore! Yes, they have the traditional 100% acrylic, but they've branched out. Tons and tons of sock yarn, from Patons to Lana Grossa. Sirdar. Diamond Luxury. Cascade. A great selection, in other words.
I picked up rather a lot of yarn for a sweater I plan to knit for my dad for Christmas. Dad is not a small man. I finally found a pattern that will fit him, and the required ton of yarn for it. Plus some for something for the niecypoo and others who shall remain nameless as they are sometimes on this blog!
So, since Xmas knitting is taking over, posts will be few & far between for the next little while. Buh-bye!


Mom2Avery said...

Haha! You were pleasantly surprised? If you're not posting keep checking on mine. I've had a few posts and a few photos.

The Queen said...

I love your walkabout pics! And people at school love the pic of me & Rosebud.