Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Hallowe'en!

Hallowe'en is my favourite holiday. And yes, it is a holiday. It's just as important to Wiccans as Easter is to Christians. So there.
Normally my house and my office at school are decorated to the hilt. I have more Hallowe'en decorations than Christmas ones! But this year I just had too much on the go to decorate, except for doing my nails every night last week. (sidebar: I seem to have created monsters on that one. There's a gang of kids who come to inspect my nails every day and they're so disappointed if I haven't changed them. And, being raised Presbyterian, there is nothing worse than disappointing people, even munchkins.)
So here is my only Hallowe'enie thing this year. Rosebud says 'Yeah, yeah, Happy F*ckin' Hallowe'en, now get this thing off me.'

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