Thursday, September 30, 2010

Of course.

I am trying to leave Rosebud out of her crate while I'm at school. She's rather cramped in her crate now that she's pretty much full grown, and I feel guilty at the thought of her there all day. The problem is, because it's just her & I (and the cats, but I doubt she sees them as equals) and no other humans, she's overly attached to me. Yes, it's totally mutual, but I don't freak out whenever she leaves my sight. She, on the other hand, does. She follows me everywhere. She can't handle it when I'm not there. When I've tried to leave her out before, disaster has ensued because of her anxiety.
This was the yarn disaster. Brutal. She also decides to forget her housebreaking training.
But last week it was 2 days with perfect behaviour!
This week started rough - Monday she had an accident and ate a knitting needle. Accident defense is I think she was sick. She threw up several times Monday night and was shivering so hard the bed was shaking.
Knitting needle, however? GRRRRRRR.
And it was a 10mm one! I never knit with needles that big. I had to buy the pair to make the Anise jacket, with which I totally fell in love. But it's pretty hard to knit when there are giant gouges and sticky-outy-bits on a needle that snag the wool. So I was hoping to have the pieces done this week so that I could block and piece it, and sew on the useless buttons and the useful unseen snaps. No such luck. So maybe next week! Finished pics will of course be posted. On the plus side, she did 2 perfect days in a row, yesterday and today! In fact, today she didn't even bother getting off the bed when I came in the door - I had to go to her. Spoiled brat I have made her.
In the meantime, I've been working on the math for a pair of socks I'm designing. I'm hoping they go better than the last pair. Fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

But she looks so cute and so sad...

Anne said...

Dogs are pack animals.....and they NEED company....what about doggy day care? We used Muskoka spa for Pets in Bracebridge when we went on the Segwun cruise -- great people there.

The Queen said...

@ Anne - I send her every once in a while to Spirit Kennel in Bracebridge, but I can't afford it for every day. But she was good again today! Yay!