Friday, March 5, 2010

Since I got my new laptop in December I've been having trouble accessing the brilliant Ysolda Teague's website. I posted on Ravelry that I'd been having issues, and asking if anyone else was having the same problem.
Turns out I was completely alone, but the theories that were posited were great! One was that CSIS had blocked her site, deeming that cool Scottish knitwear designers were a hazard to Canadian security. But other Canadians weren't having the same issue, so there went that idea.
Another knitter thought that perhaps someone (or some critter) I share my home with could have blocked the site on me. I could see Bronte trying to toy with my head that way. Rosebud's paws are too huge to be able to type, and Sulis is doped up on painkillers after having her ovaries yanked, and I don't think she's mature enough to come up with such a cunning plan, anyway. Her brain isn't at the cunning point yet.

<-- The closest Sulis has ever come to using the computer.

Then, a knitter who is also a computer scientist in Australia offered this advice: perhaps Ysolda changed her server and my server hadn't updated my DNS. I have no idea what that means. I get the big idea, but beyond that...
Anyway, she gave me the name of a site to go to that walked me through changing my TCP/IP settings - and it worked!! Now I can keep up with Ysolda, who makes me thing that she has the most amazing life.

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