Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wastin' Away the Day in Margaritaville

Without margaritas. And I know where the salt is. But it was still a wasted day. Thunderstorms this morning and icky the rest of the day - perfect for knitting, and what did I do? Surfed the Internet. Granted, I was educating myself about North & South Korea, the South Sea Bubble and the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa. It really is possible to spend an entire day on Wikipedia. At least I was learning stuff, so it really wasn't wasting time. But no knitting. Although I have picked out a kit that I think I will treat myself to for birthday/xmas this year. Isn't it amazing? Shetland wool, too. I drool just thinking about touching and smelling it.

Must knit tonight to redeem myself. I've put the Bavarian Socks aside; they bore me already (thanks, ADD!). Jolene is coming along well, maybe I'll do that. I have 1 sleeve done on the Debbie Bliss jacket but now I'm second guessing my size choice. I may need to go smaller. I'll have to check out the finished measurements again. I wasn't expecting to be shrinking quite so fast! And there's also the Alice Starmore sweater that has 1 sleeve left to do. It's been hibernating, but I think I will finish it after all. It may be huge, but it can be my comfy, bumming around sweater. I could give it to one of my brothers in law, but screw it. All the work I did on it, ripping it out and starting all over again then hibernating and blah blah, it's mine!!

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