Sunday, August 30, 2009

Knitting APB

How does knitting go missing? I have lost some knitting. So bizarre. I'm so ADD, I was getting tired of the Bavarian Socks, so I decided to work a bit on the Debbie Bliss Cable Vented Jacket. I have 1 sleeve one already and 1 on the needles. I can't find it! I found the finished one, but the magazine and the sleeve-in-progress are missing! I know I took it to knit night this summer, so I didn't lend the magazine to someone at school. Then I thought I could work on the last sleeve on the Alice Starmore sweater. I can't find my Celtic Collection book anywhere! Maybe I lent it to someone at school. So odd. I know it's not in the bedroom because I ripped it apart to paint last week. The various stash places didn't reveal anything. Neither did any of the usual company's-coming-quick-hide-the-stuff places. I could work on the Yellow Harvest mittens (found them & the Vogue Knitting magazine they're from), but the puppy appears to have stolen one of the dps and they're my only 5mm set.
I'm watching a Chinese movie, so I can't work on Jolene. I need something plain to do while I read subtitles.
I am so confused. Does knitting grow wings? Legs? Does it have an Invisiblity Cloak?
This is pondersome. If you see this knitting around, send it home, please.

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