Sunday, April 5, 2009

What the FUG????

While knitting after six million dishes were washed I was surfing my favourite blogs (remember, I'm on dialup, so I can knit while pages load!). I like to check out what blogs my favourite bloggers are reading. I was on The Panopticon (the brilliant Franklin, creator of Delores, the knitting sheep in his cartoons) and off him I linked to QueerJoe. From QueerJoe I got to this hideous creation:

How did the knitting gods allow this to happen??? I can't decide what was funnier on that site: the post-op tranny model who shouldn't have stopped taking her hormones, or the designs themselves. I especially love the fact that both the horror above and the hot pink sweater dress are proudly labelled 'unisex'. And the balaklavas with no opening. For sex games, one would assume. But can you imagine trying to breathe through doubled mohair when things are getting hot & heavy? This is why leather or latex are much better choices. Or so I hear.
Need a good laugh? Check out 'Lady Mohair'.
Oh - did I mention that this stuff is for sale??? What exactly do you suppose would have to be the mental state of someone who would buy it?


Anonymous said...

Do the pants just hang over the shoes - or are the shoes knitted too? Why would you ruin perfectly good mohair to create this? Unisex? Halloween Costume? Wearing this is public? Wearing this at all? So many questions....

It looks like Snuffelufagus!!

:) Debbie

The Queen said...

Isn't it tragic?? I was thinking Grimace, that purple McDonald's thing.

Anonymous said...

Snuffie or Grimace - but why would you want to scare small children with this "creation"?

And the tranny is trying to look seductive! Yew!


The Queen said...

You forget that, for some of us, scaring small children is the only way to make us laugh.

Anonymous said...

Wow, some people's kids are clearly far too mollycoddled. Scary? Not after you've read Dr Seuss, where this form of dress is quite de rigeur, ladies. My kids would consider this funny, but little more than that. And the world needs all the fun it can get, wouldn't you agree?

Sadly I think you are too constrained in your thinking. And rather unkind to the lady modelling the creation, who Yes is of the female variety and very attractive, though this particular snap perhaps does not do her justice. It's clearly not a design for the office, or for shopping, where I would venture to suggest it's a tad impractical. But for cosy nights in, why not? Beats one of those snuggle-blankets with the sleeves for keeping out the draughts, dontcha think? And the house-cat would just love you! purrrrrrrr :-)