Monday, September 29, 2008

Wow, does Ravelry know me!

I have been officially classified as a 'chatterbox' on Ravelry because of all the posting I do. Tee hee. And they've never even met me in person!
I also got a request from one of the editors to use a photo of a finished Christmas present. I am so honoured! And I soooo wish I could share it on my blog, but my sister reads it and it's her gift - so suffice it to say, Hey D! Your prezzie rocks!!! Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!

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Mom2Avery said...

I just read your e-mail and heard (I wonder where) about my Christmas present. Talk about torture! It must be quite something. Congratulations about VK. Now I'm in agony waiting 12 weeks to see this magnificent piece! And what's this I hear about no tea set?