Thursday, August 23, 2007

The return of me!

I have returned from 3 weeks in Europe! What an amazing vacation! It broke my heart to pass by all the yarn shops, but if I hadn't, I would have run out of money a lot quicker than I did (just ask my mum). There was one shop in Bayeux, France, that probably is still trying to get my nose prints off the window! I will, someday, do a knit-and-yarn based voyage to England.
So I was back in time for my lovely niece's christening - jetlagged, but there to stand up as godmother. And here are some pictures - the gown and ma petite souricette wearing it.
I'm now working on the 'Cromarty' sweater from Alice Starmore's Celtic Collection book. I'm doing it in dark purple New Zealand guernsey. (sorry, can't find a link for it) All the knotwork and cables are making it very thick - it's going to be a warm one! But the square neckline is so beautiful. Here's a link to a fellow knitter's blog showing her finished sweater.

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