Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ah, knitting.

It's so Zen. Seriously, there were times on my trip where I thought I would go insane because I couldn't knit - on the train, the plane, sitting in a beautiful park in Paris...
I've been working on Cromarty and watching Pride & Prejudice all day. Colin Firth - sigh. For those of you who fell in love with his brooding Mr. Darcy, you are hereby commanded to track down a copy of North & South with the beautiful Richard Armitage, whose brooding knocked Colin Firth right out of my Freebie Five. That's saying something!
I may have to watch North & South now. Richard Armitage - droooooool. He broods very well as Sir Guy of Gisborne in the very cheesy new BBC Robin Hood series. And in black leather, no less. I had planned to stalk him when I was in London, but I never saw him. Apparently he was filming Robin Hood in Hungary, which was not on my itinerary. Oh well. Next time.
During knitting breaks (in order to avoid knitting injuries - I had one before; don't ask) I surfed knitting sites and found this cool one from Interweave Press. You have to register (free), and there are tons of great free pattern downloads. These sites are so dangerous - they distract ADD knitters from their projects and cause them to go bankrupt buying more expensive yarn for new ones. Is there a cheaper hobby I can take up?

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