Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Frogging Middlemarch. This is one wack pattern. I've been having trouble with it right from the start. I added stitches here, took them away there, to try and match the pattern. But coming down to the waist decreases was completely off. I've read and reread the pattern, and it makes no sense. There's no pic of the back for me to look at and try to decipher it by sight, either. Too bad. It's a gorgeous sweater, and done in the Jo Sharp aran it would have been amazing. But I think it's not to be. The Knitting Gods and Goddesses do not like. Sigh. I hate it when they take over the pattern.
Well, that's one less item to finish for my Knitting Olympics - Team WIP for the Ravelympics! Now I just have the rest of a Bavarian sock, the Pea Pod Baby Set and the Jolene scarf. No problem!

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