Thursday, May 14, 2009

I know, it's about time

As promised, here is a pic of the Debbie Bliss wrapover in lovely alpaca silk in sexy red. Not that the knitter is sexy, but the colour damn well is. I hate pictures of myself. Is that what I really look like? ICK!!!
Knitting hasn't happened much since I got home. I'm so tired that I'm going to bed absurdly early. It's September all over again, trying to get used to the early mornings and long days. Plus I'm still rather wimpily (new word, feel free to use it!) recovering from the surgery. I overdid it on the weekend (not a lot, just cleaning & a dump run) and I was sore for days! So I'm not nearly as far on the cabled jacked as I had hoped. I'm halfway done the second sleeve, then I have the cabled cuffs and centre panel left.
And, like any true knitter, I have my next project already in my head. I want to design a lace scarf for Jolene's memory project, but I think I need to knit someone else's lace pattern first, to get some practice. So I have some beautiful Dawn silk in a lovely green that I'm going to use for the Queen Silvia Shawl from the Knitted Lace of Estonia book by the marvelous Nancy Bush (click on the book link, then do the 'look inside' thing. That's the pattern!). I'm dying to start, but I think I'll need to get some lovely new 2.25 mm needles to go with the lovely new yarn.
This is the way knitters' brains work. You understand.
Or maybe not.


Mom2Avery said...

WOW - Look at you. The sweater is gorgeous (and you're looking hot too)! I enjoyed reading your updates. Why won't you believe us when we tell you that you ARE a fast knitter?

Anonymous said...

You've lost so much weight! And why can you wear red and I can't? I'm stuck with pumpkin - which is a fall colour. Red can at least be worn throughout the year!

:) D

The Queen said...

Hey Deb, you can wear orange & I can't so don't whine.
I haven't lost any more weight - I'm stuck. But someone said it's because I don't have as much to lose as most people who have the surgery. I hope so. I'd hate to have done all that and not get any benefits!
Deanna - I believe now!