Thursday, December 4, 2008

Strangling the Kitten

No, not a euphemism for something kinky. It's what our 'beloved' (can you sense the sarcasm??) Prime Minister is doing in this photo. It's also what he's trying to do in Ottawa. We're the kittens. He's all up in arms about a proposed coalition government, which is just hysterical for many reasons. First - he tried to do the exact same thing to the former 'beloved' Prime Minister Paul Martin when Martin was in office. Second - he has only himself to blame. He gave a Throne Speech that there was no way in hell the other parties were going to approve. He acted like he had a majority. And now he's got to pay the piper. And for all those out there who are whining about the opposition being undemocratic - bollocks! This is a viable alternative under the Constitution. There is absolutely nothing undemocratic or underhanded about it. The undemocratic action here was Harper trying to force his right wing agenda on a country that did not vote him into power, no matter what he says. If he had been given the power, he would have gotten a majority in October, not another minority. What an ass.

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Schank said...

Poor Kitten!