Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour and Knitting

I tried to knit. But it was just too dark. I don't have any mindless, 'movie theatre' projects on the go. So I wound up organizing my patterns. And that actually took up nearly the whole hour!
The 'Monet' pattern is up and ready to go! Feel free to download it - make sure you get both parts - the lily pad chart is a pdf posted separately.

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Schank said...

Too bad you couldn't knit during Earth hour. During it, I played a board Game with Mary and my mom. After that, we read a book by Candle/Moon light. At 9 (the end of Earth Hour) Mare and I went to sleep, but my mom stayed up and watched TV. I'll check out those patterns and maybe give them to my mom. Also a suggestion: since you can't post word documents, copy and paste it into a blog. I hope you add a new one later.